Sofsky is a five-piece band from Southern Switzerland inspired by post-punk, post-rock and electro pop from the 70s and 80s. Composed by Stefano Chiassai (guitar) and Giona Mattei (bass) both members of the post-rock band Kovlo; Fabio Giangrande (drummer) also member of Kovlo and other bands like Peter Kernel, LSCC, Francesca Lago; Flavio Calaon (synths and keyboards); Nicola Poretti (vocalist), already member of the progressive rock band Plain and with collaborations in bands like Re-count and Nakaruga. (2019 - now)

Sofsky con Stefano Chiassai Giona Mattei Fabio Giangrande Flavio Calaon Nicola Poretti
“I play instruments, compose and listen to music... sometimes I do these same things but in reverse”